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Download IIS Export utility today and find out just how easy it is to export IIS Settings. With this tool you can migrate IIS to another server, or download IIS configurations to a database file as an IIS Backup or for manipulation.

IIS Export will even copy virtual directories and the essential settings of IIS. It's especially suited to the task of moving IIS from one server to another and can replace values (such as IP addresses or directory paths) as it exports.

Export your IIS Configuration on a scheduled basis by using our command line options together with the task scheduler and you can have a reliable backup of your IIS settings which you can easily transfer to a new server.

Copy web site content as part of the export and you can really take advantage of our migration features. Changing the directory content is located in (such as moving from one drive to another) can be achieved simply by using the find and replace option within the tool.

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