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A Million Uses* (* well there abouts!)
A Million Uses* (* well there abouts!) - Works with IIS 6 5 & 4 - Export across version - Web and FTP settings - Find & Replace on the fly (IPís, directories etc.) - Command line automation or GUI - Use with windows task scheduler - Server to Server or Server to Database File - Manipulate sites from a database file - Copies content / retains NTFS permissions - Use with install routines - Deploy site templates - Backup / Disaster Recovery / Archive - Migration - Consolidation - Replication - Push between Dev / Stage / Prod environments

We regret that as of 26th January 2011, we will no longer be taking orders for IIS Export. Existing customers with queries can contact Adsonline LLP by email at

This application is wonderful - congratulations to all the clever people who wrote it. Thank you for all your help.
Stephen Walker, Liverpool John Moores University.

"Until recently, no one had designed a utility specifically to achieve duplication of an IIS setup from one server to another, with no clusters or enterprise required. So I was delighted when I ran across a company offering a utility that does exactly that, complete with virtual directories and other settings. To make the utility even sweeter, it's freeware. The utility even has a feature that lets you save the settings to a database and restore them later to another system. Check it out"
Brett Hill - IIS Informant Column - Windows 2000 Magazine

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