Information on the ADS Nominet tag 

Adsonline LLP is a Nominet Registrar.

Nominet has 3 classifications for its registrars.

We are a channel partner.

Adsonline LLP primarily registers domains for its own use, but over the years we have helped out a few friends whose domains are registered with Nominet using our ADS tag. Although you, our friends, are not customers’ per-se, according to the Nominet Registrar Agreement we must set out how we deal with you, as if you were customers.

Contact Information
Write to: Adsonline LLP, 119 Leathwaite Road, London, SW11 6RW
Email: nominetdomains (followed by the at sign) If you write to us concerning a domain which we look after for you, we will respond within a maximum of 5 business days (If it’s important, then you know our number and you should call it and we will respond immediately).

Reporting Abuse
If you wish to notify us of abuse originating from a domain name residing on our ADS tag, please email abuse (followed by the at sign) .

Complaints Procedure
If we look after a domain for you and you wish to make a complaint, please email nominetdomains (followed by the at sign) with your complaint and we will respond within 5 business days (If it’s important/urgent, then you should call us on our private number and we will respond immediately). If you are not satisfied with our response, then you can escalate the complaint by making an official complaint to Nominet here

Your Contract with Adsonline LLP
Definitions and Interpretation
“We” & “Us” means Adsonline LLP.
“You” means the registrant of a domain name that resides on our Nominet tag ADS.
“Nominet’s Terms & Conditions” means Nominet’s terms and conditions (which may vary from time to time) and currently reside here
“Three Way Contract” means the three way contract that you enter when you ask us to register a .UK domain name for you. When you register a .UK domain name you enter into two separate binding contracts: one is with Nominet UK and the other is with Adsonline LLP.

NOW, IT IS AGREED as follows:
1. Whilst we will endeavour to register, maintain and renew domains for you, you understand that we do this as a favour to you and will disclaim all liability if something goes wrong (or to the maximum permitted by law).

2. Unless you specifically tell us not to, we will register the domain name in your name and set the domain name to auto-renew for 2 years, 30 days prior to expiry.

3. You acknowledge that we have advised you not to run a business, or anything important to you, on a domain name that we have registered for you. This is in case we fail to register, maintain or renew your domains that are, or become important, to your business. In the event that you do run a business on a domain name that we have registered for you, you do so at your own risk.

4. In the event that Adsonline LLP is unable to assist you with any request you may have (if we have all been run over by a bus), you agree to transfer your domains names off the ADS tag to a new Nominet registrar, by contacting Nominet and paying Nominet a “registrar change” fee (currently £10 + VAT).

5. When we agree to register a .UK domain name for you (or any other domain name as may be available through Nominet from time to time), you enter into two separate binding contracts: one is with Nominet UK (See Nominet’s Terms & Conditions here and the other is with Adsonline LLP. You agree that you have read, understood and accept Nominet’s Terms & Conditions.